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  university of international business and economics

  beijing 100029, p. r. china

  sept. 28, 1998

  dear colleagues:

  this is to recommend ms. shan shan, a graduate from this university’s department of international business management, for acceptance into your mba program.

  i have known ms. shan as a resourceful and goal-oriented individual since 1990, when she attended a lecture i delivered, at which she asked perceptive and challenging questions. although she did not officially take a course with me, she often consulted me on issues arising out of her studies. i therefore have come to know her well. i feel strongly that ms. shan’s unusual talents and abilities will stand her in good stead for a quality mba education, which should serve as a major boost to her career.

  while at this university, ms. shan was an outstanding student, boasting excellent performance in all subjects of her studies and demonstrating great potential. her overall gpa ranked her among the top 3 in her class of 40 students. but ms. shan was no bookworm devoted exclusively to exams. she read extensively in subjects outside her major, particularly in business law, marketing, finance and journalism, all of which seemed to be fascinating to her. in recognition of her intellectual strengths, the department offered, at the time of her graduation, to accept her into its graduate without the normally mandatory examinations. she, however, turned down the offer. a highly independent woman, she already had her own agenda set. she wanted to obtain practical management experience first and then proceed to pursue a master’s degree in business administrative in your country. she apparently made the right decision, for she has since become one of our most successful graduates in her crop of students.

  ms. shan is good at communicating in both oral and written english. some of he most important undergraduate courses were taught by american professors, many of whom considered her oral english as native and her written english as standard. i am sure that she has since improved her english a lot more in her professional life.

  in ms. shan, we all saw an optimistic and easy-going character. with highly unusual determination, she is not to be daunted by any difficulties. she believes that, with hard work, she can achieve anything she wants. i think her confidence in herself is well grounded in her track record, especially when considering the fact that she entered into this university as the daughter of a most impoverished family, but graduated as a top student.

  judging by what i know of her, i think ms. shan is fully qualified to pursue an mba degree in your program. i therefore recommend her with enthusiasm. and i shall greatly appreciate if you can favorably consider her application for admission and financial aid.

  yours sincerely

  To Whom It May Concern,

  I am writing this letter to support the admission of Mr. xxxx to your school. I have taught him software engineering economics. As the dean of software college of xxxx University, I have interacted with thousands of young people, but xxxx has been long impressed me by his diligence, work ethic, creativity and intelligence. I strongly recommend him for your postgraduate program.

  In my class, he showed great interest in learning. He performed much more actively and thoughtfully than other students. He had a great ability to carry out work in a logical inductive way, progressing one stage to the next in a logical cohesive manner. Sometimes, he could surprise me with some novel ideas of his own. In my opinion, WEi is truly an intelligent student with much potential.

  Comparing with his excellent performance in academic, I tend to elaborate emphatically one direct contact with him about dormitory security of our school. xxxx is living in Block 6 of our school, whose theft cases are the most serious. it has a very big visitors flow rate and two gates. It is very easy for thieves to enter students’ rooms and steal things. xxxx had ever put forward this question to me and asked me to pay close attention to dormitory security. At that time, I haven’t noticed the seriousness of this question, but after I received some reports of students who lost their computers, I start to realize my fault. At this time, xxxx came to me again and recommended his internship company to me. He told me after working in this company, he thought it is a good company and has good reputation. We can ask them to install cameras in our apartment buildings. After his assistance, our school signed a contract with Tyco. Form this thing, he impressed me with his good communication and sales skills. It seems to me he is very potential for further study and research in marketing.

  Mr. xxxx is a good student with positive thoughts as well as good thinking and lively personality. He is always ready to help others and gets along well with people. I consider it is a wise decision of him to pursue advanced education in your university. Without any doubt, he will complete his course successfully in your university. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  Sincerely yours,

  Name: xxxx

  Title: PhD

  Position: Dean of Software College of xxxx University,



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